The Design

Not the ordinary tree house

Initially my plan was to build some sort of structure in a tree or between multiple trees. After fighting with designs for months - trying to come up with something that would be completely robust (would not get damaged by forces applied to trees in high winds and the natural tendency for trees to grow), I let go of the idea of building the tree house in the tree - why not support the structure by a huge steel column that you can fix virtually anywhere?.. In amongst trees, on a hilltop, or even in the ocean... The possibilities are endless :)

Boundary between you and nature

The second aspect of my design that I'm particularly proud of is my 360 degree window. Too many times I’ve seen tree houses with the really small windows and I'm like what’s the point building something in a tree when you can’t appreciate the surroundings? With my window (2m high with a circumference of 14m) you won’t be short of a nice view – although you will be able to lower curtains if you want.

Kitted out with technology

The third aspect I think is going to be really sweet is what I plan to do with the integration of technology in the tower. The tower is going to be fully solar powered, and most of its electrical appliances will be controlled via smartphone.. From lighting, door access and entertainment.